26 Feb 2021+ GermanyLutherstadt WittenbergStadthausTickets
GermanyLutherstadt Wittenberg  -  Stadthaus
27 Feb 2021+ GermanyDresdenLukaskircheTickets
GermanyDresden  -  Lukaskirche
28 Feb 2021+ GermanyLeipzigHaus LeipzigTickets
GermanyLeipzig  -  Haus Leipzig
02 Mar 2021+ GermanyJenaStadtkircheTickets
GermanyJena  -  Stadtkirche
03 Mar 2021+ GermanyChemnitzSt. MarkuskircheTickets
GermanyChemnitz  -  St. Markuskirche
04 Mar 2021+ GermanyMagdeburgPauluskircheTickets
GermanyMagdeburg  -  Pauluskirche
05 Mar 2021+ GermanyWolfsburgKreuzkircheTickets
GermanyWolfsburg  -  Kreuzkirche
06 Mar 2021+ GermanyErfurtThomaskircheTickets
GermanyErfurt  -  Thomaskirche
07 Mar 2021+ GermanyKasselKreuzkircheTickets
GermanyKassel  -  Kreuzkirche
10 Mar 2021+ GermanyMannheimCitykirche KonkordienTickets
GermanyMannheim  -  Citykirche Konkordien
11 Mar 2021+ GermanySaarlouisTheater am RingTickets
GermanySaarlouis  -  Theater am Ring
12 Mar 2021+ GermanyKarlsruheLutherkircheTickets
GermanyKarlsruhe  -  Lutherkirche
13 Mar 2021+ GermanyAndernachMittelrheinhalleTickets
GermanyAndernach  -  Mittelrheinhalle
14 Mar 2021+ GermanyFrankfurt / MainHeilig Geist KircheTickets
GermanyFrankfurt / Main  -  Heilig Geist Kirche
16 Mar 2021+ GermanyWürzburgEv. JohanniskircheTickets
GermanyWürzburg  -  Ev. Johanniskirche
17 Mar 2021+ GermanyNürnbergGustav Adolf KircheTickets
GermanyNürnberg  -  Gustav Adolf Kirche
18 Mar 2021+ GermanyErdingStadthalleTickets
GermanyErding  -  Stadthalle
19 Mar 2021+ GermanyRegensburgKolpinghausTickets
GermanyRegensburg  -  Kolpinghaus
20 Mar 2021+ GermanyMünchenSt. Matthäus KircheTickets
GermanyMünchen  -  St. Matthäus Kirche
23 Mar 2021+ GermanyCoburgKongresshaus RosengartenTickets
GermanyCoburg  -  Kongresshaus Rosengarten
25 Mar 2021+ GermanyOldenburgSt. Johannes KircheTickets
GermanyOldenburg  -  St. Johannes Kirche
26 Mar 2021+ GermanyKielPetruskircheTickets
GermanyKiel  -  Petruskirche
27 Mar 2021+ GermanyWunstorfStadttheaterTickets
GermanyWunstorf  -  Stadttheater
28 Mar 2021+ GermanyEssenKirche am Katernberger MarktTickets
GermanyEssen  -  Kirche am Katernberger Markt




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    This is the last part of our weekly video compilation, revisiting the past 20 years. What a journey!!!! THANKS to all who supported us and made this possible.
    Dies ist der letzte Teil unseres wöchentlichen Rückblicks auf die letzten 20 Jahre ...


    Part 15 of our weekly video compilation, revisiting the past 20 years.


    Part 14 of our weekly video compilation, revisiting the past 20 years.


The first seeds of the GREGORIAN concept were sown into the mind of, Hamburg music producer Frank Peterson, after taking a trip to the royal monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial in Spain in 1989. The medieval monastery and chateau made an indelible impression upon him. As he walked the grounds, chance would have it that he was also listening on his Walkman to modern-day music. The stark contrast through time ignited the initial inspiration for Peterson to experiment in the mixing of ancient Gregorian music with modern day hits.
Peterson brought the idea to life for the first time with Michael Cretu with the worldwide sound phenomenon Enigma. The first album MCMXC a.D. appeared in 1990 and quickly became a worldwide success story. MCMXC a.D. was number 1 in 41 different countries and received 57 platinum and 45 gold medals. It is consequently considered the most successful German album of all time worldwide.
The success of Enigma prompted Peterson to take a step forward with his initial idea of GREGORIAN. He established GREGORIAN as an independent music act. Their first album “Masters Of Chant” followed Peterson’s previous success with Enigma seamlessly. Over the following years GREGORIAN has sold over 10 million recordings worldwide with 18 CDs & 7 DVDs, and has achieved gold and platinum status in 24 different countries.
At least once a year, Frank Peterson delves into his extensive music collection in search of new repertoire. The selecting of songs for a project like Gregorian requires not only good intuition but also tact. "Not every song is suitable for the Gregorian Tone Scale," he explains, "so you have to be very careful in the selection process for Gregorian.” All the more for us that Peterson’s boundless ingenuity and immense repertoire of ideas seem to be inexhaustible. Meanwhile, the Gregorian repertoire consists of almost 250 songs, ranging from classical music by Carl Orff to pop standards of the last 40 years to contemporary rock acts like Metallica, Coldplay, U2 and even Rammstein.
There is little doubt that Gregorian has not only achieved a unity of all respective musical worlds but in doing so has created a new one in and of itself. Peterson invites the listener on a familiar journey with famous melodies, whilst successfully contrasting and entwining them in the timeless & wondrous world of Gregorian Chant.
The individual creativity of Frank Peterson is also reflected in the concert productions of GREGORIAN. Peterson produces breath-taking shows in arenas, theatres, and churches that thrill fans and critics in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. More than 2.6 million visitors have watched GREGORIAN live at their concerts in 31 countries. 2013 being the most successful year for music project GREGORIAN to date with over 150 sold-out concerts and for the first time ever breaking into China for 5 concerts.
To experience GREGORIAN live is to witness an audio and visual spectacle that in 19 years to date has never failed to procure a standing ovation from the public.
It is not however in producer and mastermind Frank Peterson’s nature to sit back on his laurels. After 4 months of production, 2015 saw the final chapter of the Masters Of Chant Saga “The Final Chapter” climb to #8 in the German album charts. The accompanying tour led GREGORIAN to over 80 cities across Europe.
Released at the end of 2017 “Holy Chants” is the latest Album from GREGORIAN. Seasonally presented the album is accordingly a fittingly crisp and beautiful collection of winter time songs. 

in 2020 GREGORIAN celebrates its 20th anniversary and announces an extensive World Tour. The more than two-hour programme will feature some of the great musical milestones of the unparalleled career of the world's most successful choir, such as "Moments Of Peace", "Nothing Else Matters", "With Or Without You" and highlights from the lavish, live productions of recent years’ focus.

Frank Peterson was born in 1963 in Hamburg. After six years in Munich, Madrid and Ibiza, he now works in Hamburg and Key Biscayne, Florida. Peterson is founder of GREGORIAN and owner of Nemo Studios and omeN Music Publishing.
In addition to GREGORIAN, Frank Peterson has also produced i.a. artists such as Sarah Brightman, Andrea Bocelli, Enigma, Ofra Haza, Alannah Myles, José Carreras, Placido Domingo, Paul Stanley, Josh Groban, Tom Jones, Backstreet Boys, Marky Mark, Nevio und Sandra. He has also contributed to numerous compositions and productions of international film scores and advertising campaigns.


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